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Twilight in Timber Greens-New Port Richey-Florida-All's quiet, well, sort of.

Timber Greens in New Port Richey. We were enjoying our back patio on a twilight evening a week or so ago. It was quiet, except for the woodpeckers laughing, peepers peeping, cardinals cheeping, hawks screeching, hummingbirds zooming by but you get the picture. As it became darker, it became quieter (but not much). The squirrel came out to see if we were diligently guarding the bird feeder. He peeked around the tree and I was waiting to capture him on film. I didn't realize how dark it was getting but I think it turned out well anyway. The chain on his left is the one holding the birdfeeder. After he ran back up the tree, I was lucky enough to catch a cardinal in silhouette,

Twilight in Timber Greens - Toni Weidman

Cardinal in Timber Greens-Toni Weidman


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Comment balloon 7 commentsToni Weidman • July 24 2010 04:55PM
Twilight in Timber Greens-New Port Richey-Florida-All's quiet, well,…
Timber Greens in New Port Richey. We were enjoying our back patio on a twilight evening a week or so ago. It was quiet, except for the woodpeckers laughing, peepers peeping, cardinals cheeping, hawks screeching, hummingbirds zooming by but you get… more
Sandhill Crane babies are growing up!
These Sandhill Crane babies are growing rapidly; they try so hard to flap those little stubs of wings and fly but just hop and skip over the ground. This is a very good set of parents because we still have two babies! They were right next to our… more
Peeps the Baby Hummingbird Nursed to Health.
This came to me as an email from a fellow hummingbird lover and I know there are many of us out there. Video by Gary Breitbard taken at his friend's home. The baby was nursed by Peter Tommerup and Lee Anne Welch. This is Peter's story… more
Timber Greens Bowling Ends Season-New Port Richey-Florida
Bowling at the lovely golfing community of Timber Greens in New Port Richey, Florida has come to the end of the season. Altogether there were 18 teams; this is Team #1 and they made all the other teams happy by coming in last! But they had a lot of… more
Interesting Visitor to My Pond in Timber Greens-New Port Richey…
This little gator (only about 3. 5 ft) came by on Easter Sunday instead of the Easter Bunny (maybe he ate him). He's really very cute and was probably more terrified of us than we were of him. I could just hear him thinking "Wait till I grow up… more
Easter Bloom-Another Pretty Orchid-Happy Easter!
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Happy Easter Orchid for you.
Craig grows Orchids. This is one of my favorites because it always blooms around Easter and it is Easter colors. I don't know the name of it; it was given to us by a customer who was moving back "up north" and couldn't take the orchids… more
New Port Richey-Timber Greens Annual Dog Show is lots of furry fun
Timber Greens-New Port Richey-FL. The Timber Greens residents hold an annual dog show in the circle of trees at the end of Timber Greens Blvd. All the dogs were well-behaved and there were not squabbles. Each dog wins a unique title and everyone… more
Sandhill Valentine-New Port Richey-Florida
Sandhill Cranes are lovely birds and these live on our golf-course. In celebration of Valentine's Day… Enjoy. Sandhill Cranes can weigh between 10-14lbs; have a wingspan of 6 to 8 ft, and stand up to 3. 5 ft. tall. They usually mate for… more
Timber Greens-New Port Richey-Premier Golf Community
Timber Greens-New Port Richey- A Premier Golf Community Timber Greens is a beautiful golf community in New Port Richey, Florida that consists of seven-hundred eighty-three homes and villas. The property has an gorgeous.. more